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The vineyards

A few kilometers from Salemi, in the heart of the province of Trapani, rocked on the valley of Mazara, stands the sunny hill of Mokarta.
A succession of vineyards alternating with olive trees and small plots of wheat are exposed to the south in the position over more than 450 meters above sea level, this land is the particularly fertile and looking to the sea side, the sea breeze caresses the ground. All this makes the place the best one for the high level of cultivation of quality grapes.

It is precisely the Mokarta district which gives its name to the family Company Favuzza, producer since 1916.

“Up to ten years ago, we sold our wine to a few private individuals,”

says Mario Emanuele Favuzza, who has been driving the family business for more than a decade.

“Production was poor and we realized that our grapes had something more”.

The vineyards of the area on which the company is headed are the “Nero d’ Avola”, the “Inzolia” , the “Zibibbo” and the “Grillo”, (“Grillo” very old in from Phoenician era, now characterize the heritage Genetic of the viticulture of agriculture in the territory between Marsala and Salemi).

“Wines obtained with spit cultivation have a gradation of at least 13 degrees, because they are high-grade sugars, good total acidity and above all a staff full of aromas and flavor, all well-structured and pleasant.”

“I find myself extremely pleased with the work that professionals do
Who collaborate with us both in vineyard and cellar, because they do so with passion and
Dedication, just like my grandfather, and his father before him.

Guyot pruning and vintage jobs are still manually made, this one
Allows you to choose only the best grapes for our wines. ”