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the Olive Oil

Sicily is probably the land with the largest number of olive varieties than all countries overlooking on the Mediterranean Sea.
Studies conducted by the Department of Arboreal Cultures in  Palermo, the Agricultural Development Agency and the Development Services of the regional agriculture department, led to the distinction of 28 “cultivars” (cultivated olive trees) in the region.
Among these cultivars, some have extensive spread across the regional territory, others are limited in presence, in particular geographic areas sometimes so few.
Our extra virgin olive oil is a studied blend of two varieties
Native: Biancolilla and Nocellara del Belice.
Biancolilla is perhaps one of the most popular varieties in Sicily.
The pendulum plant and low vigor have high productivity as well it is also very alternated.
The size of the fruit are variable, according to the year of charge and discharge, the weight is about 3 grams. Almost exclusively used for oil production. Referring to the organoleptic typologies it gives fruity, bitter and spicy sensations, light taste within feelings of almond scents
Nocellara del Belice is a diffused variety, exclusively
in the area of ​​Trapanese, a plant of medium vigor and poise, it has a good yield and low alternation.
The fruit, elliptical and asymmetrical, can exceed 7 grams. It is used to produce table olives and olive oil.
Looking at the organoleptic appearance it produces medium-intense fruity, bitter and spicy medium-
Intense, within feelings of artichoke and tomato.

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