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About us & History

The farming business Favuzza was established in 1916 by Favuzza family, who for generations handled it with love and dedication.

Thanks to the transferred from his father passion for vineyards and wine, the company has succeeded on the Italian market obtaining excellent results placing its wines in a medium and upper sectors of the market.

Step by step this label created his way inside Italian market, obtainined excellent results and placing its wines in a medium-high level market.

The Tenute Mokarta takes its name from the homonymous hilltop on the sunny countryside in Salemi town surround. 

This sunny territory is a fertile production for good vineyards.

Here the company, works producing wines using handmade techniques that are the best and most suitable solution to obtain an awesome very good grapes juice.

Anything is made by the care and great commitment full of passion and professional seriousness.

The grapes juice produced in this way are incomparable and becomes wine within right alcoholicity grade, good acidity in total and above all all this has the wonderful capacity to characterize the wines with a very high charge of aromas and well-structured pleasant sapidity.

All this leads to real wine creations cater for any kind of culinary combination, from the aperitif to the end of the meal.